Joe is one of three wingmen the player has in Blazing Angels. He is the first character player meets, as a mechanic who repaired a Gladiator and now has to test it. It was Joe who trained the player in the first installment. However, he does not become an official wingman until the third mission, where he requires help from the player. This is where Joe's past is revealed. He had been flying and Repairing Cropdusters. One day when he whent to get his shots, he met the Sister of Tom and instantly fell in love. They married, and when Tom announced his intention to Join the war, Joe followed his descision. 

His special ability is repair: If the player has recieved damage, wether it be a fuel leak or a blazing engine about to explode, Joe can fix it. He will send the player a four button combo to press. Doing so correctly will fully repair the plane to a "good as new" look. Joe would shoot down a plane, proborably saying "Okay, I admitt that one was luck," of "He's Bailing Out! And I could have told him how to fix that!"

In the X-Box and PC version, Joe survives World War Two, But in the Wii version, Joe is hurt badly in the start of D-day. Later in the mission, an FW-190 comes in on Joe firing it's Guns and Kills him. Upon Joe's Death, Tom goes insane and takes over Frank's job: Shooting down planes, saying "For god's sake, he was Just a Kid!" In future levels, Tom and Frank would chat about Joe, saying "He would have loved this."

In Berlin, The Captain would always think Joe's Spirit was watching over them, as if the Captain is at the point of going down, he would remember what Joe taught him, and would always though Joe was giving him the Information, as the Captain could be forgetful. After the war, Tom's sister would have a tough time getting through life, given the fact that her husband was dead.