Training Day is the First Mission of Blazing Angels and where the Player Meets two of his three Wingmen: Tom and Joe.


You start off on the ground with a Gloster Gladiator training plane, and Joe is giving you Step-by-Step Directions on how to complete the maintenance run. Afterwards, you head towards the village and fly over the church with the Camera Locked on. You do the same thing with the Army base, (Wich Joe claims beats the heck out of the forts he made when he was a Kid,) and the Airport. Following this, you engage several barrage ballons and shoot them down. Later, you drop Fliers on the church, where a German Messerschmitt Bf 109 on Recon catches your attention and Joe gives you permission to Engage. After scoring your very first kill, Tom flies into your area, with 3 109s on his tail, and if it is the Wii Version, Joe reveals Tom is his Brother-in-Law. When you kill them, Joe and Tom will Congratulate You and the Mission ends.