The flag of the U.S.

The United States of America, or in short, USA, is an allied country and faction in the game Blazing Angels. The first time the country is seen is in the mission: "Day of Infamy," which is actually the Japenese surprise attack at Pearl Harbour. The player and his squadron mainly play in this faction throughout the Pacific campaign, ecept for the final two missions, where they attack Germany.

List of Aircraft Used By The U.S.AEdit

The P-40c Warhawk

P-39 Aircobra

F4F Wildcat

F4U1 Corsair

P47 Thunderbolt

F6F Hellcat

P51D Mustang

P51H Mustang

Devastator torpedo bomber

Dauntless dive bomber

Avenger torpedo bomber

B-17 Flying Fortress Heavy bomber

Info on these planes can be found here.